We Work in following domains.


Fulfilling the need for compulsory education for all children in the age group of 6-14 is empirical to the Government of India, which is directly mentioned via Article 45 of the Indian Constitution. However, this task still remains unaccomplished fully.

Live For Others- Being Helpful Foundation takes an initiative to provide basic education to the children of slums and poor under the project named “Mission MAKE- MAKE ALL KIDS EDUCATED”.

The team have enrolled non-school going children from different age groups to access basic quality education and providing them with stationery and food items etc. And also provide them with annual books collected from book donation drives.

At starting only 10+ kids were enrolled in the scheme but by now more than 50 are enrolled under the project. Earlier most of these kids were engaged in laboring and inadequate activities. But our team reached them and helped them to come out of these activities and indulge them into educational activities. The team not only focuses on education but on overall development of the children and that’s why also conducts skill classes once in a week and interaction sessions with their parents with prime focus to enroll these students in nearby school.


With the population of 142 crores, improvement of healthcare in our country has always been a challenge. And lack of health awareness and poverty are big reason for it. Women & Children are more prone than men to experience health related problems. Children from poor background suffers from malnutrition and many mental health problem due to lack of awareness. Women living in slums are unaware about menstruation hygiene which may result to hazardous health problem.

Menstruation is a normal biological process and a sign of reproductive health. Many women hide their problems related to its which later turn into many serious diseases like UTIs, Cervical Cancer, etc. Having proper knowledge hygiene is the only step to prevent the illness related to it. So, the team Live for Others- Being Helpful Foundation launched the project “R-SAP- Remove Shyness Apply Pads”. In this project, the members of the team reach to the women of slums & road- sides areas, students of educational institution etc. The team educate them about the importance of menstruation hygiene about what steps should be taken to maintain menstruation hygiene and what should be avoid. Till team have distributed 10,000+ sanitary napkins to the women and more that 3000+ females were benefited & the target is to reached around 7000+ females and distribute 25,000+ sanitary napkins by 2023. Live for Others- Being Helpful Foundation conducts Blood Donations Camps after every few months. Also, LFO- BHF Conducts healthcare camps in different slum areas from time to time aware people about their overall healthcare.


The environment is the surrounding area of our dwelling. It is in the “environment” where a living thing has its chances of birth, growth, development and life itself. Right from a small age, we are being educated on how to save our environment and help this planet earth to be beautiful. But still for human greed, human led deforestation which results in low air quality, soil deterioration and many other environment problems.
From the first day of the formation of the foundation, team is engaged in the plantation activity to save the mother earth. The team have numbers of plantation drive by now in which they have covered many public parks, roadsides areas, college and schools. Up to now team have planted 6000+ numbers of plants and the survival rate of which is almost 60%.
Also, under the supervision of Jammu and Kashmir Pollution Control Committee (JKPCC), the team have done many cleanliness drives in different areas. many cleanliness drives in different areas. Out of which, the most important cleanliness drive is the cleaning of our beloved Tawi river under the theme “Save-Tawi”.


Live For Others- Being Helpful Foundation works to relief people during difficult circumstances .
During covid-19 ,many people have lost their lives, jobs, dear ones, and countless people were home quarantine , the daily wage workers were affected very severely due to complete lockdown. Then, our team came up with an initiative to distribute cooked food packet for (home quarantine people, slum area people and road side people) and dry ration kits for the underprivileged sector of the society i.e., labour class. During Covid-19 pandemic our team members distributed around 8000+ cooked food packets from 16 cooking spots in J&K and 2000+ dry ration kits during the covid pandemic.
Other then this, Project named “Share the Warmth” is a mission started by our team to help the individual who are unable to find shelter in the cold winter and struggles with the freaking cold temperature.
By providing them warm clothes and blanket our team share the warmth among them. Our distribution takes place in steps in which firstly we provide warm cloths, gloves, caps, sleeper, socks and then our team distributed blanket on roadside.

Youth Development

Youth is the most important assest of any nation. When youth develop positively, they have the power to benefit themselves, their families, communities, and societies. So, the investments in youth represent a highly cost-effective opportunity for positive change in the society.
Live For Others- Being Helpful Foundation conducts many Youth Development Programmes & Youth Exchange Programme.
Youth development programs help youth to realize their full potential by preparing them for the challenges of life. By engaging young people in experiential learning programs, we can teach life skills beyond textbooks and lectures. What are commonly called “soft skills” are the building blocks of life skills that can make a difference in how young people engage in the world.
” We cannot always build the future for our Youth, but we can build our Youth for the future.”

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